OC x PFW: Kenzo FW12 Showtunes

BY Zachary Ching | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | A La Mode

It's Paris Fashion Week and we’re nearly as excited to find out what’s playing during the shows as we are to see what’s on the catwalks. We asked some OC friends to hit us with their Fall/Winter 2012 show soundtracks.

For the Fall/Winter 2012 Kenzo show, Carol and Humberto enlisted the Los Angeles-based electronic mega duo NGUZUNGUZU to fill all five levels of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, where the show was staged, with music. The nearly 15 minute-long mix, comprised of original tracks, is definitely going to be on heavy rotation for us all season. See below for tracklist.

Bells breath
Dolly HA feat. Dolly Parton
Pulse FM
Up N Down
No Harps
Visions of Completion
Brass Touch feat. Harry Belafonte
Water Bass Power