OC x NYFW: The Doorman Diary of Simonez Wolf

BY Sofia Cavallo | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | culture club
There's nothing worse than a case of Fashion Week FOMO. But for nightlife hounds like Simonez Wolf, who guards the door at The Standard, it never seems to be a problem. We checked in with him in our lastest DOORMAN DIARY and got the low-down on the best parties, most awesome outfits, and worst flirting attempts he saw this NYFW.

Celebrity it's been really hard not to fan out on as I let them in: Cate Blanchett

Who rolls with the biggest entourage? Lindsay Lohan

Best outfit/article of clothing you've seen on a partygoer this Fashion Week: A vintage YSL tuxedo on a beautiful tall girl.

Best party so far this Fashion Week: The Purple Magazine and BLK DNM party at The Standard, and the Colette Sex Party with Ace Hotel x Araks and Richardson Magazine at Le Baron.

I will never let you into the club if you're: An obnoxious, loud-mouthed, square toe-shoe-wearing beefcake.

I would definitely let you into the club if you're: Sophisticated, polite, and well put-together.

My favorite thing to do during NYFW daylight hours: Eat Middle Eastern food with chef Eddie Huang in Brooklyn.

What is the most ridiculous...

Name someone has dropped: "Andreas Balaszo," Vladimir Putin, and my own name.

Outfit someone has worn: A kimono-meets-Cossack-meets-Harry Potter look with a top hat.

Thing someone has offered to give you if you let them in: Their girlfriend, a black Amex, and once––a Rolex.

Pick-up line you've heard between people on their smoke breaks: Guy: Miss, you dropped something. [Girl looks back]. Guy: My phone number, it's–– 

Thing someone has said to you after you've denied them: "I'm calling Andreas Balaszo right now so you won't have job tomorrow, you f#$&ing idiot!"