From Cheri's quinoa cornbread to my grandfather's gravy, this meal was epic Cheri and Scout on the foraging walk The gang with our finds! Our lovely home for the evening Dinner time! Josh, owner of Candelaria in Paris, naturally took charge of the pouring  Rod, one of the hosts of the evening, toasting his way down the table Chin chin! One of the sky lanterns Here it floats far away into the night... Downtown the next morning The truffle fair Noyers from atop the nearby hillside, where ruins of the village chateau now sit On our walk home, we passed this door and Josh magically got the cat to appear!

Rubi in the Rough: A French Thanksgiving

BY Danielle Rubi | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | I'll Take You There
Paris-based PHOTOGRAPHER, foodie, and OC blog correspondent DANIELLE RUBI sends us her latest from the French countryside!

This year we headed out to one of my favorite places in France: Noyers. Noyers is a medieval village in the Burgundy region, and we are lucky enough to have good friends there who invited us over for Thanksgiving. They had a total of 40 guests, most of whom were American friends who had traveled far and wide to sit at their long, grand table. Turkeys were ordered through the local butcher shop and everyone shared their favorite ingredients from home to bring Thanksgiving to France's turf.

While things were roasting, baking, and simmering, our gang went on a walk to forage for items to decorate the table and house with. In the end, the table was filled with beautiful, giant orange leaves, lichen-covered branches, yellow leafy sticks, and lots of candles. Friends from the village came by to experience our American holiday and all gave toasts throughout the lovely meal.

After dinner and before the dessert buffet, we all ran outside to light up sky lanterns and watched them as they drifted off into the night sky. The cool air and excitement of this had everyone in good spirits. After digesting and relaxing, the room was cleared, the music turned up, and everyone starting dancing by the fire. The following day, we rolled out of bed and wandered out onto the cobbled streets to check out the black truffle market, before going up into the hills to walk off the turkey from the night before.