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OC Mixtape Series #4: Brenmar

BY Zachary Ching | Mon. October 31, 2011 | 12:00 AM | OC Mixtape
Those who came out for our XXX-Mas holiday rager in 2010 most likely remember Brenmar (aka Bill Salas) spinning the party tunes in the Westway DJ booth. Less than a year later, with today's release of his third EP of the year, Let's Pretend, plus a European tour kicking off on November 11th, this born-and-bred Chicago boy has a lot to celebrate. Peep our Q&A and download his OC-exclusive mixtape!

OC Mixtape Series #4: Brenmar Mix by OpeningCeremony

1. Intro
2. Soulja Boy - My City
3. Graphics - I Don't Wanna
4. TLC - Silly Hoe (ZUTZUT Refix)
5. Murder Mark - Last Call (Instrumental)
6. TAR - Acid Man
7. FBOM - Love Story Edit
8. Brenmar - Let Me Hit Dat
9 Wildchild Beatz - Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay (Remake)
10. Brenmar - Done (Don't Luv Me No More) Mike Q Remix
11. Brenmar & T. Williams - YesYes
12. Dj Funeral - Bounce Dat
13. Trey Songz - Can't Be Friends (K Millz Remix)
14. Shontelle - Impossible (Dj Sliink Remix)
15. Koloah - Fucked Up!
16. The Phantom - Gothic
17. Rustie - City Star
18. Tity Boi - Spend It
19. Kastle - Could U Want Me (Blackwax Remix)
20. Pacheko & Pocz - Cohete
21. Dj Yirvin - Gunchata
22. Lil Zane- None Tonight (Bad Boy Remix Instrumental)
23. Brenmar - Temperature Rising
24. Ginuwine - Pony (Black Market Slowride Mix)
25. Young Jeezy - Bandana
26. Omarion - Bananas
27. Brenmar - Killah Instrumental
28. Emanny - I Messed Up
29. Brenmar - Riding Low (Instrumental)
30. Brenmar - Homerun (Instrumental)
31. Saukrates - Dropt It Down (Instrumental)

Zachary Ching: One of my favorite things about your style is that you mix in a lot of old tracks, but you'll put a new, 'Brenmar' spin on them. What are your top 5 old-school tracks?
1. Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody?
2. Noreaga - Superthug
3. Dj Assault - Ass N' Titties
4. Destiny's Child - Say My Name
5. Reality - Yolanda (Club Mix).

ZC: What are your favorite places in the world for...
Clubbing: London
Shopping: New York
Eating: Japan
Going totally H.A.M: Berlin.

ZC: What is the best club or party you've played to date?
B: Tough answer, I've been fortunate to have more than one. Toronto, Montreal, London, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Amsterdam have all been really amazing to me. Some crazy shows. I barely remember them, to be honest...

ZC: And 5 tracks are you totally obsessed with right now?
1. Tity Boi - Spend It
2. Rustie - City Star
3. Pusha T - Body Work
4. Fatima Al Qadiri - Hip Hop Spa
5. Meek Mill -Derrick Rose feat. Mel Love.

ZC: If you could produce a track for any artist on the planet, who would it be?
B: Ciara is one of the first that comes to mind. CC, if you reading this, reach out––I got some heat for you, 4 real! My favorite pop star, hands down.

ZC: Fill in the blanks.
B: I like my  LIFE  but I love my  FAMILY . I never leave home without my  CINNAMON TOOTHPICKS  and my  CELL PHONE . I have  FLOWN  at least 100 times. I wanna work with  RIHANNA  so bad.  INSECTS  totally freak me out.

Brenmar tour dates: NOVEMBER––11th @ Barcelona, Razzmatazz; 15th Leeds, Mint Club; 17th Dublin, Twisted Pepper; 18th London, Fabric; 19th Southend, Sunrooms; 23rd Madrid, Sala Heineken; 24th Paris, Social Club; 25th Brussels, Forma T; 26th Nerlin, Prince Charles; 29th Glasgow, Buff Club; 30th Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete’s. DECEMBER: 1st Aberdeen, Snafu; 2nd Sheffield, DQ; 3rd Bristol, Motion.

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