OCTV Presents: El Mundo Es Tuyo

BY Aaron Rose | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | OCTV

OCTV is pleased to share its latest production, a film by Aaron Rose (Beautiful Losers, Become a Microscope) featuring the OC fall collection

El Mundo Es Tuyo (The World Is Yours) is a little movie we shot this spring for Opening Ceremony. Filming took place in the Las Peñas neighborhood of Guayaquil, Ecuador–working with a completely local cast and crew. The story takes a narrative cue from the popular fairytale Beauty and the Beast where a gorgeous young lady does not notice the charms of a trouble-making young man who is trying to get her attention. That is… until a magical event changes her perspective and the couple fall for each other. We had a real blast making this. Enjoy!!!