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Paradise: Sade Performs Live in LA

BY Michelangelo Arevalo | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | culture club
OCLA's Michelangelo saw Sade live this past weekend and fans out in this recount of the show.

It seemed like an eternity since I bought my tickets to see Sade live at the Los Angeles Staples Center – ten months ago to be exact. But last Friday night, my waiting finally ended.

Seeing Sade live is a lot like a religious experience. The woman is a living goddess with breathtaking beauty that somehow defy the laws of time. Unabating too are her vocals, still so on point, it almost seems as though her range gets more powerful with age. During the two hour set, she takes you to the forest, the ocean, the tops of skyscrapers, the moon, the sun, and hell – but somehow never leaving heaven. All in all, Sade is one classy lady, and at 52 years old, she's still carrying!

Peep these videos I took at the show. Some of them I couldn't help dancing to, so ignore the shakes!

Sade opens with a bang, "Soldier of Love". 

"Kiss of Life" my favorite part of the show. I feel like I could chill in front of that L.E.D. screen for days! (Bear with me on the video, the end is heavenly.)

"Love Is Found," Sade's new single from her Greatest Hits compilation

I was ecstatic to hear Sade perform "All About Our Love," my favorite track from her Lovers Rock album.