Here is my muse Perkins with her soft clean hair My fresh athletic socks soon to be transformed into hair donuts She helps me make the sock donuts by trimming the ends Start rolling the sock into itself and the donut will form They should look like this! Build texture in clean hair with Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray or Slumber Party Bed Head with hair powder. Or maybe some hair spray if the hair is still too soft. This is my desert island kit After you reach a good texture, start brushing your hair to where you want your bun to be and where you will secure your rubber band. Pull all of your hair from the pony tail through the donut. Tease and make your hair fuzzy. Always remember that the goal is not to have a perfectly over-sprayed, crispy, shiny donut bun. Think "powdered," not "glazed."  Use the end of the tail comb to tuck all of your hair under the donut and secure with a combination of hair pins and bobby pins. Then pull out random bits if you like. It could look like this. Move the placement around and try this. Try two scoops... To take you higher. Ballerina style if you are feeling sweet. Add more rubber bands. Because deep down we have all wanted to look like this. Hope this was helpful––see you soon!

Hairstyle File: How to Get Your Dream Buns

BY Sloane Sera | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | A la mode
'Hairstyle File' is a column by hairstylist extraordinaire, Sloane Sera of Bumble and Bumble, filled with easy fixes, how-tos, tress-tastic anecdotes and more! First up: nice buns and how to get 'em.

A wise man once said, "My anaconda don't want none / Unless you've got buns, hun" (Sir Mix-a-Lot). So these buns can get you to a fancy event, to work when you are late or even a couple of years in the military. But there is no reason to be sloppy, you just have to be prepared with the right tools – and the most important one is an athletic sock! Why the sock? Because what lady doesn't want a little extra fullness in the right places? (I feel as if I'm about to tell a young kid sister how to stuff her bra...) But this will get you into far less trouble. Below are photographs and instructions to guide you in creating your dream buns.