Taken from the MM6 Maison Martin Margiela x Opening Ceremony look book.

OC Interviews Maison Martin Margiela

BY Gillian Tozer | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | a la mode
Renowned for their few and far between interviews, OC asked the Maison to expand on the inspirations and perspectives that they brought to the drafting table for the MM6 Maison Martin Margiela x OC partnership collection.

This is the Maison's first ever capsule collection with another label. Why now and why Opening Ceremony?
As we have always said, "those with an authentic approach to their work", and by this we mean those who enjoy both meeting the challenge presented to them by their creative talent, and who are willing to explore the channels of expression. Opening Ceremony’s diverse roster of innovative collaborations sparked the curiosity and interest of MM6 Maison Martin Margiela which led to this creative experience.

The collection is founded on concepts of interchangeability, which feels very much aligned with the Maison’s other core themes of regeneration and reinterpretation. What was the inspiration for the 3-in-1 items?
A key foundation stone of the Maison’s creative expression are the ideas of recuperation, transformation and reinterpretation. Based in a 3-in-1 concept, select styles throughout the collection transform into separately wearable garments. Inspired by the construction of a jacket with detachable lining, this core characteristic will broaden the collection into an assortment of silhouettes. The 3-in-1 concept directly derives from the heritage of MM6 Maison Martin Margiela, which since its beginnings has displayed collection pieces in three different fabrics, colors and styles.

Also immediately striking are the choice of fabrics and the contrasting pairings. How were these decided upon?
The approach is much more one of an ongoing study on the form of a garment as it is worn on the body, as well as the overall silhouette. The challenge is to invent and bring new views on the shape of garments to our customers and to meet the test of design, comfort, and utility placed on it by the wearer.

Describe the Maison in three words, alliteration preferred (and it can't be Maison Martin Margiela!!).
To move forward, Transformation, Tailoring.

We read a quote from the team once that said, “The past is what bonds us, the future leads us.” What does the future look like through your lens?
From our vantage point, it has almost become a rule of life that the most difficult thing is to stand still for too long. Given this attitude, life quickly leads one to take a step and automatically one has the choice as to whether the step is forwards or backwards. Possibilities are endless when one chooses to step forward.

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