Prince Language Vockah Redu Ital Das Racist takes the stage Kool A.D. Dap Heems playing "guitar" on the mic Kool throws in a couple of push-ups, too Sorry she's not sorry she's royalty One of the many dance circles that formed in the crowd

Warm Up 2011: Prince Language, Das Racist & More

BY Sofia Cavallo | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | culture club
Last weekend's Warm Up once again proved to be the best way to spend a hot summer Saturday. This time though, the live performances were to be some of the most energetic yet. Case in point: Vockah Redu, who introduced their performance with their frontman tearing off a grim reaper-esque costume and mask – only to reveal a studded and sequined MJ-meets-Kravitz-meets-awesome get-up with a killer choreographed routine.

Das Racist took the stage afterwards but they certainly didn't let anybody down. The clownish trio pounced on and off the stage, shaking hands with the crowd of amazed PS1-goers, occasionally sitting down on-set to drink a beer, and even messing around playing air guitar. Of the other artists and DJs on the bill – XXXY, Holy Other, Ital and DJ Prince Language – I caught up with Prince and got the 411 on his dancing shoes, favorite beach and more. Check it out below, plus download this mix he made just for OC!

'Summer Principles' by Prince Language | Download it here!

Opening Ceremony: What's your favorite summer jam?
Prince Language: "Puerto Rico" - Eddie Palmieri.

OC Favorite thing about NYC in the summer?
PL: Friends getting down in the sunshine and dance parties at night. And getting my Repettos back into circulation.

OC: Favorite ice cream flavor?
PL: I've got love for all flavors, but let's go with Sweet Cream.

OC: Best place for a BBQ?
PL: The roof!

OC: Your favorite beach?
PL: Rockaway Beach.

OC: What's your beach read at the moment?
PL: Dancer From The Dance by Andrew Holleran; Blood, Bones & Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton and When Marina Abramovic Dies by James Westcott.

OC: Your dream summer vacation destination?
PL: Somewhere quiet and in close proximity to a beach, forest and desert. Does it exist?

OC: Describe your DJing style in 3 words.
PL: Over and over.
OC: Do you have a signature dance move?
PL: The Pharaoh Sanders.

See you guys at tomorrow's Warm Up, where we'll be Pharoah Sanders'ing up a storm...