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Ladies, Gentlemen and Trainwrecks: Porcelain Black

BY Zachary Ching | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | Culture Club
Porcelain Black (the name says it all) showed NYC what Rock and Roll really looked like this weekend; first with her debut television performance on Letterman, then with a three-song spectacle at the legendary F-Word party, held at Chelsea's Splash Bar on Friday night. Being the biggest #TRAINWREcK (Porcelain's nickname for her fans) in the world, of course I was there and even got to catch up with her backstage for a quick chat about her tour, her hair, Marilyn Manson and Weezy!

Zachary Ching: First off, your show blew my mind! Was this your first time playing solo in NYC?
Porcelain Black: Yes and it was my favorite club show to date. Special thanks to F*Word party for having me!

ZC: Why the name Porcelain Black?
PB: Because my skin is porcelain and I love the nighttime, when it's pitch black.

ZC: I've read that your two musical icons are Britney Spears and Marilyn Manson, and after seeing your show it makes perfect sense! What are your top Britney and Manson songs?
PB: For Britney, I love "I'm a Slave for You" and "Womanizer." For Manson, "This is the New Shit," "The Dope Show," "The Beautiful People" and also "I Don't Like The Drug (But the Drugs Like Me)". I'd like out to shout out to my pal Twiggy from Marilyn Manson band – the only person more psycho than me. What's up Twiggy?

ZC: Whose style did you admire as a teenager?
PB: I don't know, nobody's really – I did my own thing. There wasn't anyone in particular but I was inspired by the things I saw at my dad's hair salon, Beaton Colors, and the rock shows we went to.

ZC: I understand that Lil Wayne gave you a custom Young Money varsity jacket to welcome you to the team. I also noticed your personalized "Weezy" bracelet on Saturday night. What's the best advice he's given you, fashion or otherwise?
PB: He hasn't really given me advice, we just have fun, go out, have a good time and kill it in the studio and on tour. He did, however, teach me how to "Make It Rain." The proper way is to pick up a big pile of money and just throw it. The more money, the more rain.

ZC: What's the best part about being on the "I AM STiLL MUSIC" Tour?
PB: Being out on the road with people whose careers I admire. Being supported by people who actually give a fuck about me. I love going out and meeting fans.

ZC: Who would you want to collaborate with, musically or creatively?
PB: Musically, I want to do a song with Manson and Britney. That would be so dope.

ZC: What's your biggest vice?
PB: Smoking cigarettes and falling asleep with my make-up on. That's the worst.

ZC: And your biggest virtue? 
PB: I'm blunt, candid and honest. You can be a badass and a total rockstar but still be a good person at the end of the day. Everyone I work with is honest and humble, even RedOne. I hate ego trips – so nasty.

ZC: What's on high rotation on your iPod right now?
PB: Travis Porter's "Make It Rain," Rihanna's "Man Down," Coco's "Shoe Freak," Salt N Pepa's "Let's Talk About Sex," Nine Inch Nail's "Closer," Lykke Li "Get Some" and Beyonce "Run The World."

ZC: What's on your nightstand right now?
PB: I'm living on a tour bus but right now I have a big black chanel bag, tons of face products, mini Jameson bottles and other assorted goodies. [See image.]

ZC: I'm just throwing this out there – but my friends and I have discussed (at length) how you should play Pizazz of the Misfits in the Hollywood adaptation of Jem and the Holograms! Would you be into that? It would be my dream come true!
PB: Yeah! I'd be super into that. I want to play a fucked up role too, like Angelina Jolie did in Girl, Interrupted. I just filmed my role in Rock of Ages, so now I have the acting bug.

Check out this video of Porcelain's performance this weekend!

Porcelain Black: Mannequin Factory, Live in NYC from PATENTLEATHERDADDY on Vimeo.

Photos by Christelle de Castro, Michael Bernal and Zachary Ching.