Bill and Ed Ed (far right) and friends Arty Nelson (left) Nick of Seems Books holding the last copy of TEENAGE KISSES, the book he published with Templeton to accompany the show. Ed with Jerry Saltz, who was also on hand, grabbing a copy of Teenage Kisses before taking off.  Patrick, a cute boy that cooked grilled cheese sandwiches on the sidewalk. The scene outside Half Gallery Clearly the place to be last night

Ed Templeton Captures Teenage Kisses

BY Mercedes Beach | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | culture club
Half Gallery's newest show,"Teenage Kisses" by Ed Templeton, opened last night to throngs of art lovers. OC was on hand to capture the event, and the kisses.

Ed Templeton's "Teenage Kisses" opened last night at Half Gallery. With my fellow OC blog intern Pardis, I squeezed through the tiny space, where gallery owner Bill Powers moved through the crowd (Jerry Salz was in the house). Patrick, an elusive grilled cheese entrepreneur, served his sandwiches by the entrance.

Templeton, a painter, photographer, and skateboarder, displayed a series of images that capture those awkward, fumbling teenage kisses with a candid realism. Some images are uncomfortable, some fascinating, and others, romantic. The collection gives us a glimpse into both Templeton's extensive body of photographic work and the way he captures his life on film – seemingly without concern or premeditation.

If you have a chance, pop into Half Gallery anytime before the end of July to see Templeton's photographs in person. Maybe you'll leave feeling a little warm and fuzzy from the expressions of love. Or maybe the show will take you back into yesteryear and remind you of what it was to be young, wild, and clumsy.

"Teenage Kisses" is up through July 25.

208 Forsyth Street
New York, NY 10002