Anna at the studio. A vintage shot on the set of our Pendleton SS10 lookbook. Behind the scenes at our shoot for Rika Magazine on the Central Park pond. Me and Anna, BTS. Blooper real: Anna warming up with her best and worst dance moves! In case you can't tell, this is her best. Worst! Best! Worst! Annas top pick from her shoot, this Jean Paul Gaultier Soleil Bandeau Swimsuit. Some of our favorite things Anna's modeled this season: this Opening Ceremony Short Sleeve Pleated Dress. Opening Ceremony Nautical Striped Flare Coat Opening Ceremony Wide Eyelet Pant Opening Ceremony Embellished Floral Flare Skirt T by Alexander Wang Spaghetti Silk Dress

Meet the Model: Anna Gray

BY Daria Radlinski | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | a la mode
I met Anna four years ago in our mutual friend's living room in the East Village. That fact seems a little too recent to sound nostalgic, but in that time she has turned into a friend, an OC model, then an OC intern (and a model intern!), and is now the staff model for our website.

The best way to describe Anna would be to bring up the time that she threw a watermelon off the 20th floor of our friend’s apartment in Miami directly into the center of an empty pool below because we didn’t feel like hitting the town and she needed a thrill before she could go to sleep. And that’s why we keep her around! That, plus, she’s an awesome model. Basically, she can’t get enough of us and we can’t get enough of her. So, get familiar!

Your neighborhood (in NY): East Village

Hometown: Alexandria, VA

How long have you lived in NY?: 4 years

Remember when we first met?
Yes! We met back in the dark ages of my freshman year when I was in love with the sound of skate wheels. 

Do you remember how you and Humberto first met? In the store when I was 19 with my friend Meredith. He said, "Hey, do you guys model...?" And then we were in love!

Occupation: Party gurl, Haribo connoisseur.

What was the easiest or hardest thing about modeling for Opening Ceremony? Heels forever.

What is something about you that no one would expect? Crazy origami skills!

If you could steal one thing from today’s shoot what would it be? JPG Soleil Bandeau Swimsuit

Where's the coolest or strangest place you've ever been to for a photo shoot? A boat in the Central Park pond.

Essential photo shoot song? “Ride” by Ciara

Most prized possession? My pillows.