A Very Brief Interview with Gert of Fantastic Man

BY OC Family | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | OC
OC just received excellent men's underwear created by our friends over at Fantastic Man magazine with The White Briefs Company. We asked editor-in-chief Gert Jonkers a few questions on these simply classic skivvies.

Opening Ceremony: Why underwear?

Gert Jonkers: We all need underwear. It's a nice necessity. It's also an item of clothing that is often mistreated with logos and loud colors. We wanted to do something nice and refined and understated.

OC: What was the inspiration behind the collection?
GJ: Classic shapes and classic material rendered in rather light and airy material.

OC: What is The White Briefs Company?
GJ: It's a small company from Sweden that makes some really perfect underwear pieces. They're very precise in their choice of cotton and the shapes are good. Their short-sleeve Henley T-shirts are among my favorites.

OC: How important is the packaging to this collaboration? 
GJ: Look and see! No pun intended, but of course with underwear it's often about the package, as they're such simple garments that may not have amazing hanger appeal. We're a magazine, and we love photography and paper, so it's natural that we made packaging.

OC: What is your favorite packaging of all time? We like Laduree macaroon boxes and Hermes boxes of all kinds.
GJ: Boxes in general are very nice. Put something in a box and it immediately looks better, or richer and more luxurious. Rick Owens makes really nice hand-made boxes, but I don't think they use them to pack things, as they're apparently outrageously expensive to make. The blue boxes from Smythson and Lanvin are fabulous too.

OC: Can you tell the story behind the photo shoot featured on the boxes?
 GJ: It's quite “what you see is what you get”. We asked handsome gentlemen to come and pose on a Saturday in London. Andreas Larsson did the photography, Jodie Barnes did the styling, Matt Mulhall did the hair, and Jop van Bennekom did the art direction. There were some fun props, as you can see. Everybody really had a good day.

OC: Did you send current cover boy David Beckham a set of the underwear?
GJ: Of course! I hope it inspired him to launch his own line of underwear.

OC: Andy Warhol wore Jockeys in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Mark Wahlberg wore Calvins in the 90s. Could you see your briefs becoming iconic for this generation?
GJ: That would indeed be great, thank you.