Coming Soon: Beach Crew! by Warriors of Radness & Opening Ceremony

BY Rick Klotz | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | OC
In a matter of days, we'll be unveiling our exciting partnership with California dreamers Warriors of Radness: Beach Crew!, a sporty capsule of pastel-grazed tanks, tees, and shorts. We can't say too much else about it just yet, but don't worry–the OC exclusive collection launches in stores and online this Tuesday, 5/17, so mark your calendars! While you wait, get a sun-drenched and surf-fresh taste with two teaser vids from the man-o-WOR himself, Rick Klotz!   –OC

Decided to do our logo the old-fashioned way, as it was done in the heyday of surf logo design before computers. The music in this video is a slow, mellow version of the "Beach Crew" track Gantez Warrior wrote and recorded to celebrate the collection (more on that below).


Gantez Warrior is a pop-surf band out of Costa Mesa I discovered last year. Within 10 minutes of meeting their singer/songwriter, Levi Prairie, I told him that I’d record their first record under Warriors of Radness. I have NO experience in the music biz, but I loved their music and thought it vibed perfectly with the attitude of WOR. I brought the guys to my friend Mickey Petralia’s studio (producer of Flight of the Concords, some Peaches stuff, some Beck stuff, Luscious Jackson, Eels, Dandy Warhols, etc.), and within 6 months, he had recorded and produced 13 tracks with them (the first of them releasing later this month).

A few weeks ago, I asked Levi if he could come up with a “Beach Crew” song for our collaboration with OC. By the following day, he had a rough version; 4 weeks later, we were filming the video. Another good friend, photographer Danielle Levitt, came out from New York to direct the video.

The footage of the band here is from the upcoming video (which debuts Tuesday, with the collection). I threw in some of surf filmer Jack Coleman's footage of Levi, 'cause he’s a pretty radical surfer. And I’ll bet everyone thinks we’re lazy surf bums out here in So. Cal now!