Jerry (left) and Ryan Leo (one of the veteran Yuketen hand sewers) is hand lasting a pair of blucher moccasins. Leo demonstrates the notable skill and precise technique required for genuine hand sewing. You can see the awl penetrating through the leather of the plug which then creates a perfectly placed hole for the hand sewing needles. After hand sewing the front of the shoe Leo must now concentrate his efforts on closing the heel. Jerry is pulling the last and getting ready to trim the crepe sole.

These Boots Were Made for Walking: Inside Yuketen's Maine Workshop

BY Danny Sway | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | A La Mode
Remember when Ryan of Yuketen stopped by to visit us at OCLA? Well he's been keeping busy ever since. This photo set is from Ryan's journey to Maine, where he visited master shoe makers Leo and Jerry. See how a pair of moccassins go from being just a couple of pieces of leather to a fully constructed, fine pair of shoes!

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