OCNY Book Club Member: Nathan Shahani

Currently reading: 'Sup Magazine Issue 23

What makes this book club worthy: What's up with 'Sup? Twelve years ago, Marisa Brickman nobly devised a way of recognizing new and emerging talent in the music world. She created ’Sup Magazine, a bi-annual music publication focusing on the fresh, the unknown, the unfamiliar, and the promising. Now in its 23rd issue, 'Sup continues to follow the path of what it was created to do.

Each edition is contemporary to the current happenings in music, happenings which may have been over-looked or under-acknowledged by mainstream media and publications. Established as totally approachable and fulfilling, the magazine maintains the aesthetic of a cool casualness. All interviews are presented in Q&A format and all photography is exclusively commissioned and original. If you haven’t already, pick up a 'Sup and see for yourself just how unassuming and terrific this magazine really is.