First, make sure you have all the elements you need handy. I'm wrapping this cozy Opening Ceremony sweater for Humberto! Make sure you fold your gift so that it fits securely into the box. There's nothing worse than an item flopping around. Be sure to create a fold in the tissue so that it lies perfectly in your box. Voila, a perfect fit! Close with a sticker! Because our wrapping paper (plug the paper!) is two-sided, I decided to expose part of the other side! See, you can create a nice band around your box! You definitely need to hide the tape, so make sure you turn your tape into a double-sided piece. Fold in the sides to create triangular shapes. Fold down each triangle, making sure you fold down the side with the band last. Tuck in any excess from the band... ...and then, voila! You have a nice clean edge! Next comes the ribbon which is key. Make sure to leave enough slack on one side and then work with the other end to wrap around the whole box... ...that way you have a nice, flat bottom of your box! Tie a nice bow! Most likely, you will have some excess ribbon, so use it to tie another bow! Almost done... ...add a sticker to the bottom... ...and there you have it!  You even have a little pocket to slide your card into! Happy wrapping!

Carol's School: Wrap Like a Pro!

BY Carol Lim | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | OC
I have always been a fan of those old-school department store gift wrapping departments! Although we don't have a gift wrapping department at OC (yet!) I have always fancied myself a pretty nifty wrapper, and so I thought I would share my skills with you in this edition of Carol's School. With just one week to go until the holidays, I hope this blog will help everyone get your packages all set! And if you're looking for the perfect paper, head to our stores to check out the amazing reversible wrapping paper we printed with artist Carlos Charlie Perez (which I used).  Happy holidays, everyone!

(P.S. Check out Sachi's School for How to Pack! An ongoing series from all the pros here at OC.)