Paint Splattered Dress White Front Pocket Dress Cropped Cardigan and Wide Leg Pants Ribbed Tank and Paint Splattered Pants Belt Bag in black Belt Bag in charcoal

Coming Soon: Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2011 PRE-ORDER

BY Khira Jordan | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | OCNN,OC
The countdown to our very special spring/summer 2011 presale has officially begun! In just five days, will have the exclusive pleasure of offering select looks from some of our favorite French and American designers, available for purchase online for a limited time.

Beginning Monday 10/25 at noon PST, our event kicks off with none other than OC superfriend and fave Alexander Wang! And because we actually can't wait either, here's a sneak peek at some of the lovingly hand-picked dresses, pants, and, yes, bags to be unveiled next week!

Why we love Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2011:

Departing from the black of seasons past, Alexander Wang shifts to the pure and paler side of things for spring, presenting a bouquet of bright whites, pale pinks, and seafoam greens. (This newest suite of designs also brings with it Wang's very first in-house print--a streaky, metallic melange created from the scrawlings of his staff and interns!) But it wouldn't be Wang if these pastels and silky silhouettes weren't cleverly construed into an almost unclassifiable (yet highly covetable) aesthetic: a tough-but-femme, strong-but-serene, workwear-inspired look for the "under construction" girl.