A Psychedelic Prismatic Coaster Project with Lena Corwin

BY Lena Corwin | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | Culture Club
Rain, rain, go away? Not if it means arts and crafts with designer, BLOGGER and regular OC contributor LENA CORWIN ! 

It's a rainy day in NYC, perfect for breaking out a classic craft project from childhood: fuse beads! This project comes from my friend Caitlin Mociun, who agreed to let me copy her. She and I bought our fuse bead sets at Ikea, but you can also find them here and here.

1. Fill the plastic template with beads, placing them one at a time.
2. Carefully move the template filled with beads to an ironing board or towel.
3. Place a piece of parchment paper on top (included in kit).
4. Iron on high heat until the beads start to melt.
5. Let the beads cool and then peel off...

And presto! Fun in the sun becomes fun in the rain.