Charlie Hedin, Louise DuToit and Friends Louise DuToit, Kristin Peets and Heather Neuburger Aleksandra McCormack and Aiya Ono Peter Burke Kristin Peets and Alyssa Shapiro Heather Neuburger, Ackime Snow and Friend Dorothea Barthes, Jacques Renault and Louise DuToit Jacques Renault and Friends Cathy Beigen Dan Fletcher Anda and Macha with Dorothea Barthes Cameron Mesirow, Molly Hawkins and Heather Neuburger Charlie Hedin, Dorothea Barthes and Friend Jacky Tang and Friends Jaclyn Barr, Jordan Rodin and Jacob Sloan Charles Anderson and Friend Frida Gustavsson and Dorothea Barthes Jordan Robin, Eben D'Amico and René Nuñez Eben D'Amico and Heather Neuburger Photos by Shawn Brackbill

FNO 2010: Shopping and Spinning at Acne Studio NYC

BY Acne Studio | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | A La Mode
Empty glasses, wedges of lime, and vinyl records. These were traces of the fun had by all at Acne Studio's Fashion's Night Out celebration. To kick-start the night, we greeted guests with Absolut cocktails (served up by an Acne x Husam El Odeh-clad waitstaff) and some sweet disco vibes courtesy of DFA's Jacques Renault.

As the crowd thickened, Acne's Dorothea Barthes and Louise DuToit took to the DJ booth, set up in Acne's front window for party-goers as much as passers-by to catch a tune. By the time Glasser's Cameron Mesirow got up there, the scene was getting clumsier (and we mean that in the best way) - spilling out of the front door and onto our Greene Street stoop.  At the end of the night, Chairlift's Caroline Polachek stopped by to pick out some goodbye jams as we sent off the last ones standing in their new Husam El Odeh collaboration t-shirts (There are still a few tees left to snag here at the studio!). Thank you to everyone who stopped by for the jam sesh!