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FNO 2010: Tavi Gevinson's Closet at 35 Howard

BY Rory Satran | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | OC,A La Mode
At this point, Tavi needs no introduction. The barely-teenaged fashion blogger has catapulted a precocious blog into a gig as correspondent (and cover girl) at Pop magazine, collaborations with Rodarte, and the elusive respect of the fashion industry. We were psyched when she agreed to contribute some pieces for our 35 Howard St. all day-long Closet Cleanout (along with Melanie Ward, Jen Brill, Mark Ronson, and Erin Wasson). A few questions with Ms. Tavi follow.

Opening Ceremony: How often do you clean out your closet?

TG: I'm supposed to get rid of one thing every time I get something new, but I... don't follow that.

OC: What does your closet look like?
TG: I recently switched with my dad. I now have half a wall of my parents' room and half of their walk-in. And it still overflows.

OC: What is your favorite item that you are selling?
TG: Probably the YSL sweater... It's so nutty! I can't believe I'm selling it. Someone buy it before I change my mind!

OC: Is there any piece that has a particularly interesting story behind it?
TG: Ooh, lots of them! The brown Yokoo pompom and oatmeal Yokoo chain were both worn when I took outfit self-portraits for Love. My first grade neighbor kept poking the pompom one.

OC: Do you ever use ebay?
TG: Yes, but I'm too afraid to look there for clothes because I'd go crazy.

OC: How often do you shop? What are your favorite shopping spots?
TG: The Salvation Army every couple months, and every few months I let myself splurge on something from a store like Opening Ceremony if it's marked down a lot.

OC: What are your vintage clothing obsessions?
TG: Hair bows and sweaters.

OC: Who do you hope will buy your pieces?
TG: People who really love them!

OC: If there were a fire and you could only save one thing from your closet, what would it be?
TG: How mean! Maybe my Comme des Garçons ghost coat...

OC: What are you doing for Fashion's Night Out?
TG: I'll be at Barneys, tweeting and blogging for them, and hopefully will stop by OC!

OC: What will you do with the proceeds from your sales?
TG: They will go towards STAND, a student-run anti-genocide advocate.