FNO 2010: Deyrolle

BY Khira Jordan | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | OC,A La Mode
It's Labor Day, so what better time to steer our daily Fashion's Night Out coverage toward one of the most intriguing professions of all? Have a peek as we let the (stuffed) cat out of the bag regarding our collaboration with curiosity shop extraordinaire, Deyrolle.

Aficionado or not, you can't avoid feeling a sense of wonder when it comes to taxidermy. Something about the experience feels like real-life trompe l'oeil--like sleight of hand that continues to intrigue even after you've spotted the trick. And our dear friends at Deyrolle, the historic house of taxidermy, entomology, and general curiosity, have been elevating the game for nearly 200 years.

Inspired by their many and marvelous creatures, we teamed up with the Parisian boutique to design a series of scarves for FNO, each with a kaleidoscopic swirl of "mounted" animals shot by French photographer Bastien Lattanzio. Check out the goods here, and come by the Ace Hotel on Friday for the real thing!