FNO 2010: Opening Ceremony

BY Khira Jordan | Wed. December 31, 1969 | 7:00 PM | OC,A La Mode
As a continuation of our daily Fashion's Night Out coverage, today we bring you a sneak peek into what special things to expect from yours truly at our French flea market. Venez voir!

Everywhere you look, it's clear that the countdown to Fashion's Night Out has begun (but if you're like us, it probably really began the day after last year's). Even though we can't let you in on all the secrets we have in store for September 10th, it would be very rude of us, as hosts, to leave you in complete darkness, non?

Designed exclusively for FNO, Opening Ceremony will debut a duo of sporty sweaters--a navy "France" and a red "America"--as well as a trio of backwards inside-out city tees for New York, Los Angeles, and, bien sûr, Paris.

But as for the rest,  our lips are sealed!