Laurel Broughton of WELCOME COMPANIONS and the inimitable Miranda July. Photos courtesy of WELCOMECOMPANIONS Multi-talented artist Miranda July's The Miranda Bag in red/hot pink. The Miranda bag includes a pouch filled with multi-purpose cards, a bottle of Calms Forte homeopathic sleep aid, and a special pocket for a single almond. Did we also mention this is the only bag that comes pre-stocked with a $20 bill?  

Namesake Bag Or Art Piece? Miranda July's New Carryall Is Both

BY James Derek Sapienza | Wed. October 1, 2014 | 2:00 PM | Art Talks
There's no stopping the supernova that is Miranda July. The prolific artist, writer, and filmmaker has never been afraid to cross boundaries or try new things, and now, she's teamed up with the design studio WELCOMECOMPANIONS to create The Miranda, a take on the classic namesake bag—with a twist, of course. 

Neatly laid out like an antique doctor’s kit bag, in lipstick-red leather, it's a smart and eclectic piece that could be the first, fully-realized art piece-slash-fashion accessory. 

Looking back to when the LA-based accessories company approached July to create a piece for its Classics line, she already had an idea in mind. "I thought, 'Well, if we’re going to do this, let’s go really extreme and do a limited edition version that almost makes fun of the idea of a namesake bag,'" the creative told OC. 

In coming up with the bag, July was meticulous in thinking about what to include. She thought, "'What are the things I want near me?" So like my security blanket (which I actually do have) and a picture of my son (although not wanting to expose my real son, I have a fake picture of my son). And the hidden $20 bill, because I do often find myself having no cash at all, and that would be really useful to have in a certain spot." Yes, readers—the bag actually comes with a Jackson tucked inside a secret pocket, handy for every "cash only" bodega you come across. 

The Miranda is also outfitted like an emergency kit (more like a superhero's utility belt) with specific holders for bobby pins, an ultra top-secret jump drive for inspiration, a bottle of Calms Forte homeopathic sleep aid, and a special pocket for one almond, which July says is her favorite: "I get low blood sugar easily, and almonds are the best thing, so there’s one almond-shaped pocket for an emergency almond." There is also a pouch filled with multi-purpose cards, promising to help you communicate, to help you defuse any tricky situation in July’s distinctive dry, funny language. How many times have you wished you had this calling card, to hand off to an annoying party-goer: "Let’s be honest, the conversation we are having right now is not that interesting for either of us. I suggest we shake hands and go find other people to talk to." 

There are also a few interesting business cards tucked into other pockets—like one for Albert Einstein. Writing these clever (and really funny) cards came easy to July: "I tried to write off the top of my head, and then there was an editing process. So, it was the same as any other writing process. But easier, I guess, because they were short." The cards will also be sold individually at OCLA, so you can think like the actress even when you’re without... The Miranda.

Like all artist’s editions, the bag was produced in a super-limited edition of just 100, all exclusively sold at Opening Ceremony. There’s even going to be a "secret" OCLA launch party happening this week, that July was mum on: "There are a lot of cool things about the launch party, but it’s a private party, so I’m not sure...  maybe I can tell you about it and you can use the information later on." 

Always leaving us in a cloud of suspense, that Miranda... 

Stay tuned for event coverage from Miranda July's party, hosted in our Opening Ceremony Los Angeles store.