Our weekend escape uniform: Opening Ceremony x Teva Sandals. Photo by Andrew T. Vottero Who needs a house on the beach when you can have a tipi on a stream? OC's Kyle Kivijarvi tipped us off to this spot in Woodstock, NY. Our favorite upstate getaway is an adorable little hippie town near the Hudson River Valley called Rosendale, NY.

6 OC-Approved Summer Getaways, The Hamptons Not Included

BY Austen Rosenfeld | Mon. July 21, 2014 | 3:00 PM | I'll Take You There
Sure, outdoor concerts and rooftop parties are fun, but what’s the best thing to do during a New York summer? Escape. Perhaps to a cabin where you can jump in a lake, drink whiskey, and finally finish that 700-page novel in peace. Or maybe cozy up with your boyfriend/girlfriend and watch fireflies on a nineteenth-century farm. Just because you don’t have a house in the Hamptons doesn’t mean you can’t live the luxe life––so we’ve rounded up all the digs that we dig the most, and they're all just a few hours outside NYC.

Our favorite upstate getaway is an adorable little hippie town near the Hudson River Valley called Rosendale, NY. Situated on the Rondout Creek, underneath a defunct train trestle, Rosendale is a great place to hike, bike, and swim. The entire town consists of one main road that hosts an awesome VEGAN CAFE and THE ALTERNATIVE BAKER, whose yumtastic sandwiches (great for picnics), fresh iced tea, and witty small talk easily make the whole trip worth it. 

If you have a car, Bettina Chin of OCHQ recommends BUTTERMILK FALLS INN & SPA in Milton, NY—a bed-and-breakfast 15 miles away from Dia Beacon, 20 miles from the Storm King, and 30 miles from Woodbury Commons. In other words, you're smack dab in the center of upstate cultural life. Think wineries and antiques galore. “I've been there LOADS of times, either staying at the inn or staying on one of their rental properties on-site," Bettina says. "There's a farm with animals on the property––gorgeous peacocks!––that you can explore.”

And if you’re looking to live the farm life, why not stay on a farm with a yurt? Welcome to MR ED’S CABIN. It's two hours from NYC with a hot tub, free bikes, a yurt, and animals, “including (when I was there) a litter of kittens.” Alice Hines, OC’s blog editor says. “The cabin my boyfriend and I stayed in had a cool Laura Ashley-meets-Woodstock vibe. You have your own kitchen, and I definitely recommend biking over to the Saunderskill farmers' market and buying some things to cook.”
Angie, from OC’s art department, recommends a lake house rental in the Poconos. About a two hour drive from NYC, you’ll need a car to get there but you won’t want to leave: this spot has an indoor jacuzzi. “It was incredibly cheap and we managed to fit like, 15 people in the house. The house also came equipped with Twister (the game, not the movie) and plenty of table space for card/dice/drinking games.” 
If you really want to leave it all behind, OCNY’s Kyle Kivijarvi recommends skipping a cabin altogether and renting a tipi in Woodstock, NY. “This place was rad! It's right next to a stream and surrounded by nature and wildlife and has tons of cool hiking in the area. The town of Woodstock is also nearby and has a handful of cool little places to eat and a rad General Store. Nearby, there is a waterfall in the Catskill mountains called Kaaterskill Falls that you can hike up to with a few natural wading pools.”

Finally, there's a cozy little 1850 FARMHOUSE in Amherst, Massachusetts, which is situated among forests, fields, streams, and Emily Dickinson’s homestead. You’ll also find baby goats, a wood-burning stove, and a master suite (so you can do what you actually want to do on vacation... sleep). Turn off your iPhone and transport yourself into Little Women—minus the sad parts. Get there quick––goat babies don’t stay small forever.

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