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SKINRx Lab MadeCera Face Cream 50ml

style: ST94138



Born out of the two most dire skincare needs, damaged and dry skin, SKINRx Lab's MadeCera Cream is a combination of naturally fermented ceramide and madecassoside, an ancient herbal remedy that together, helps to heal and restore damaged skin while strengthening its barrier.

  • Madecassoside (tiger grass extract) soothes, heals, and regenerates the skin
  • Naturally fermented ceramide with high skin affinity locks moisture in and protects the skin from external stimulants
  • 50ml
  • Imported


Created by SKINRx, one of the leading beauty e-commerce companies in Korea, SKINRx LAB is dedicated to creating essential and reparative skincare for the busy, modern individual. SKINRx LAB’s products treat problems from within the skin’s barrier, strengthening the skin’s moisture retaining capacity, and overtime, preventing symptoms from recurring.


  • 50ml


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