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Day 4: Albuquerque, NM - Holbrook AZ
I split ways with my dad. Dropped him off at the airport to return home, and I was on my own with no set agenda … no one to listen to but myself. I was truly alone for the first time in forever.

I drove down Route 66 and stopped to sleep at the Wigwam Motel. I arrived in time to catch another wild sunset. The motel was designed as a loop of individual faux tipis, each room with a classic car parked in front. It was a trippy time warp.

Day 5: Holbrook, AZ - Sedona, AZ
Checking out, I met a group of Native Americans who stopped to see the motel. They had just gotten back from Standing Rock and said these wigwams don’t look anything like the real ones. I also met a self-proclaimed ultra conservative woman from Alabama who kept telling me to “get out of LA.”

I drove a few hours until I reached Sedona, an area known for it’s vortexes—supposedly so powerful that you can feel energy entering or exiting the earth’s plane. I made my way to a vortex in hopes of experiencing a spiritual awakening. I already felt high on life so nothing immediately came over me.

Made friends at a local dive bar. After only minutes of talking I felt like I had known these people a lifetime.

Day 6: Sedona, AZ - Page, AZ Witnessed another sunrise. This time from a hot air balloon. The flight was scary, exhilarating and breathtaking all at the same time. I felt weightless as we floated thousands of feet above the mountains.

I touched the ground and my inspiration cup felt full. Missing my friends and life in LA, I almost decided to drive home. But instincts told me to take advantage of my surroundings. I kept going and found my way to Horseshoe Bend, another natural wonder. I stood at the edge of the cliff and felt the earth put my life into perspective.

Day 7: Page AZ - Las Vegas, NV Ate the best continental breakfast of my life and I fueled up to explore Antelope Canyon. I’ve never seen a more beautiful culmination of colors … orange, pink, red, yellow, gold, magenta, purple. I saw rock formations that have been turned into desktop wallpapers. They’re 100 times better in real life.

I drove by giant portraits of Native American people, young and old, plastered in the most random places. I passed trading post after trading post. Passed multiple signs that read “curios”. Passed abandoned stands on the side of the road selling turquoise and “authentic goods.” The landscape was gorgeous, yet uncomfortably eerie.

Got to Vegas and the neon lights outside In-N-Out Burger suckered me in. I witnessed people get married by Elvis in the parking lot. I got drunk with randoms and won $30 on Keno slots.

Day 8: Las Vegas, NV - Los Angeles, CA
I made one last stop before the final stretch to LA: Seven Magic Mountains … a series of stacked, painted boulders right off the freeway. Maybe it was just the hangover, but it looks cooler on the internet.

Once I hit traffic I knew I was close to home. Expecting to feel depressed about going back to reality, I actually felt fulfilled and content. I gained what I wanted and learned some invaluable life lessons: Don’t drive with your brake light on. Listen to your instincts. Don’t be afraid to do things alone. Talk to strangers at the bar. Watch more sunrises. Get out of LA. Call Dad.

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