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A Note from Carol & Humberto


Five months ago, we wrote to you explaining what felt like a seismic shift in how we were going to transform our company.

Today, it is difficult to put into words how small this feels as we watch the world we once operated in completely change in front of our eyes. We send our love to all those who have lost someone during this time and to all the dedicated front line workers and essential staff that have allowed us to stay safe and take the easiest role by staying home in helping us get through this time.

We had the best laid plans to celebrate with you in our stores... to reminisce, hug you and have one last hurrah. We were going to set up a karaoke machine and ask you to sing a song with us. Make you a drink and give you some snacks. We were going to work in the stores for our last month so that we could thank you and hang out the way we did in 2002 when we first opened.

But while that is not in the cards, the feelings of gratefulness and love are still there. Our stores will not reopen.... but that doesn't mean we are gone.

We will continue to operate our website through the beginning of June and will be back again in a new form later this year. So if you are still hanging onto a web gift card....hurry now and come pick something out online by June 10th. If you are holding onto a physical store card...you need to hurry too! Please contact us at:[email protected] to enable for web purchases.

We started Opening Ceremony after the tragic September 11th attacks and will end this chapter with the Covid-19 pandemic.... but from these moments of darkness....we hope to bring a new way of connecting to our community. Opening Ceremony has always operated with a refresh button and more so than ever, we are excited to think about what this next phase means. We will relaunch our website this year and will continue to use our platform to talk about topics that are important to us. We will continue supporting and uplifting our community, bringing different people from around the world together. We can't wait to celebrate with you in person once again.

Thank you again to our staff and team who have all contributed to the humanity and spirit of Opening Ceremony.


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